Sightseeing Boat

Sightseeing Boat

A grand cruise of Lake Kasumigaura, Japan’s second largest lake, offers tourists beautiful views from a sightseeing boat. The cruise service is available throughout the year from Tsuchiura Port. Two boats are in service, the Jetfoil Tsukuba and the White Iris.

Rakusu Marina: 029-822-2437 Joyo Kanko: 029-823-9708


Machikado Kura ‘Daitoku’

Tsuchiura Machikado Kura Daitoku

Four storehouses called Mise-gura, Sode-gura, Moto-gura, and Muko-gura, built at the end of the Edo Period, have been remodeled to a center which provides tourist information to sightseers. A bicycle rental service is also available.

Open from 9:00 to 18:00
Tsuchiura City Tourist Association: 029-824-2810 1-3-16 Chuo, Tsuchiura City

Kijo Park (Tsuchiura Castle remains)

Kijo Park (Tsuchiura Castle remains)

This is the site of the remains of Tsuchiura Castle built in the Muromachi Period. The Yagura-mon (Tower Gate) is the last remaining castle structure in the Kanto district. It is the symbol of the park.

Department of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Tsuchiura City: 029-826-1111 1-13 Chuo, Tsuchiura City

Tsuchiura Municipal Museum

Tsuchiura Municipal Museum

Adjacent to Kijo Park, this museum stands on the former “Ninomaru, or middle citadel, of Tsuchiura Castle”. It houses a permanent exhibition at which visitors can trace the history of Tsuchiura from ancient times to the modern age as they follow the exhibition route.

Open from 9:00 to 16:30
029-824-2928 1-15-18 Chuo, Tsuchiura City

Flower Spot

Flower Spot “Tulip”

Tulips of Kasumigaura Comprehensive Park

In spring, some 30,000 tulips come into bloom around the Dutch windmill observatory, an outstanding feature of the park, which commands a panoramic view of Lake Kasumigaura.

Mid to late April 145 Ooiwata, Tsuchiura City

Flower Spot “Sakura River”

Cherry Trees along the Sakura River

Some 500 cherry trees have been planted along a path starting from near the estuary of Lake Kasumigaura leading to Mushikake. Take a leisurely stroll along the river while enjoying the cherry trees.

Mushikake area to Hasukawara area

Flower Spot “Lotus Field”

Lotus Field

In summer, pretty little white and pink flowers blossom gorgeously among lush lotus leaves. The vivid contrast between the flowers and the rich green leaves is the great attraction of this lotus field.

Late July to early August Kidamari, Teno and Tamura areas in Tsuchiura City

Tourist Events

Hina Doll Festival

Hina Doll Festival

In the festival season, various hina dolls are on display in the city of Tsuchiura. A major attraction are the “Karen Hina Dolls,” which are traditional hina dolls made of lotus flower receptacles handed down for many years in commercial families.

Mid February to early March

Tsuchiura Sakura Festival

Yabusame Festival

Tsuchiura Sakura Festival・Yabusame Festival

In spring, cherry flowers are in full bloom at various places in the city, including Sakura River, Shinkawa River, and Manabe Primary School, not to mention Kijo Park. Various festive events are also held.

Of these events, the Yabusame Festival is related to the legend of killing big monkey which damages crops, and one of Japan’s Three Great Sanno Yabusame.

Late March to early April

Tsuchiura Kirala Festival

Tsuchiura Kirala Festival

Various events, such as a Tanabata Dance and a float parade, are held in the city with Ekimae Dori Avenue as the main venue.

First Saturday and Sunday of August

Karakasa Mando

Karakasa Manto

Fireworks are set off that are shaped like paper umbrellas. They are dedicated to a Shinto shrine in the hope of a rich harvest and family safety.

August 15


Tsuchiura National Fireworks Contest

This is a historic Japanese fireworks contest that started in 1925. One of Japan’s three major fireworks events, Tsuchiura’s contest features great fireworks artists from all over the country who compete to be Japan’s No. 1 by decorating the autumn night with a brilliant display of light and fire.

Early October

Overnight Stay

Accommodation List

* Below are some of the member hotels and accommodations affiliated to the Tsuchiura Tourist Association.

No Name Location
(Tsuchiura City)
(city number 029)
No. and type of rooms Japanese (J) Western (W) No. of guests Price (yen) Available foreign language
Single Twin Overnight with 2 meals

Tsuchiura Station East Side

A Business Hotel Kohoku Kohoku 1-1-1-8
12 (J)
38 (W)
77 5,300 8,000 English
B Hotel Minken Komatsu 1-11-2
1 (J)
39 (W)
5,300 9,000 None
C Hotel Alpha The Tsuchiura Minatomachi1-4-26
91 (W) 141 6,800 12,000 English
D Life Inn Tsuchiuraeki Higashi Minatomachi 1-5-5
96 (W) 110 6,200 None
E Toyoko Inn Tsuchiuraeki Higashiguchi Minatomachi 1-3-17
125 (W) 160 6,700 9,200 English
F Hotel Green Core Tsuchiura Minatomachi 1-8-26
118 (W) 212 5,900 11,200

Tsuchiura Station West Side

G Someya Ryokan Kawaguchi 10-5
8 (J) 16 4,000 7,000 Negotiable None
H Business Ryokan Tsuchiura Fujisaki 1-4-34
20 (J) 52 5,000 8,800 None
I Hotel Maraudo Tsukuba Johokumachi 2-24
1 (J)
160 (W)
245 7,200 13,400 English
J Ebisuya Ryokan Fujisaki 1-18-16
9 (J)
7 (W)
50 4,400 English
K Business Hotel Tsukushi Higashimanabecho 1-38
10 (J)
19 (W)
56 5,200 9,600 6,280
L Bells Inn Tsuchiura Yamatocho 6-5
190 (W) 216 6,900 9,000 English

Niihari area

M Hotel Ishiyanosato Hongo 2141-2
12 (J)
5 (W)
60 6,620 11,200 None

Access Guide

Access Map


JR Joban Line runs through the eastern part of Tsuchiura City from north to south and has three stations from north to south; Kantatsu, Tsuchiura and Arakawaoki. It is 70 min. from Ueno Station to Tsuchiura Station by local train and 45 min. by express.

By Kanto Railway bus it takes about 25 min. to reach Tsuchiura Station from Tsukuba Express (TX) Tsukuba Station.

General road

National Routes 6 and 364, running from north to south, and Route 125, running from east to west, serve as the traffic routes in the city.


The Joban Expressway runs from north to south in the western part of the city, and connects with the Shuto Expressway.

There are two interchanges in the city, Sakura Tsuchiura I.C. and Tsuchiura Kita I.C. The city is about 30 min. from Misato Interchange.